Vesper Intelligence-Led Security


Vesper Group helps clients to minimise reputational risks by providing over-arching expertise on integrity management and ad-hoc due diligence services. Managing reputation not only means that reputations are safeguarded – it also allows our clients access to an information roadmap that is critical to insusring that enterprise activities match its stated principles, policies and guidelines regardless of location.


Vesper Group helps its clients safeguard physical assets across the world by ensuring that solutions are tailored to each specific operational environment. Ensuring the security of our clients' infrastructure is supported by access to security intelligence which in turn enables Vesper to provide proactive solutions that support business continuity and maximisation.


Most of Vesper's clients are heavily dependant on that their information systems are safe and remain uncompromised. By approaching information-threats holistically and matching these with state-of-the-art solutions, Vesper is able to drastically minimise the likelihood that information breaches will occur. In situations where events nonetheless arise, Vesper ensures that clients immediately have access to highest quality response-expertise.


Vesper's clients place staff well-being and security at the center of operations. By providing tailored solutions that help ensure staff-security regardless of risk levels, we also help to underpin business continuity while maximising business potential and drastically increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes should a security event occur.

Vesper is a leading Risk and Security consultancy that specializes in providing integrated solutions

to corporations, governments and humanitarian organizations worldwide. We provide resilience

and continuity, protecting your staff, information, infrastructure, and reputation.


Threats faced by organisations are multifaceted - some are obvious while others are more obscure and very difficult to identify and define. In order to mitigate risks, however, a solid understanding of threats is critical....


Ensuring that risks are mitigated and adapted to means understanding existing vulnerabilities. Once an organization has identified threats, scrutiny of security mechanisms and weaknesses is essential. This allows...


Once and organization has identified threats and vulnerabilities, it will be able to identify priority-areas for address. This necessitates understanding the modus operandi of the threat-components that may harm the...


Once the first three steps have been taken, an organization is ideally placed to ensure that threats to sustainable development and success are mitigated. This cuts costs, provides a competitive advantage, and allows...

Vesper has vast experience of providing tailor-made security solutions to clients operating in high-threat areas. We can help you design your security set up from scratch or audit an existing security programme to identify its weaknesses. Our consultants can manage your complete security system, strengthen your own security department with needed key competencies or give you a second opinion...

Knowing more about your risks and opportunities than your competition will eventually make you very successful. We are here to help you identify and manage these uncertainties in a structured and intelligent way. We neither exaggerate the dangers, nor do we underestimate them; we make sure our customers’ security precautions are well balanced. We add value and prevent losses.

June 11 2016

Vesper Group is currently recruiting a Security Managers for South Sudan.

May 3 2016

Vesper Group is currently recruiting Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst / IT Security Specialist for its Cyber Threat Intelligence team.

March 29 2016

Vesper Group is currently recruiting Close Protection Operators with Swedish citizenship for deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq.