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Do you feel insecure?

Many feel exposed and uncertain about how to accurately assess and respond to cyberthreats they read about or are already impacted by. Vesper offers tailored solutions that offer comprehensive protection against known and emerging cyber threats.

200 days

There are two blind-spots in many companies’ and organizations’ security structure in relation to cyber threats. One is how to discover an attacker that has by-passed the perimeter defences, or one that originated inside those defences. The average time span for an organization to discover they have been hacked is today 200 days, and there is a clear correlation between the time the incident takes to discover and how damaging and expensive the incidents become.

What is the Darknet?

The other blind-spot is how to monitor the enormous ocean of digital information – internet, darknet, social media etc – based on the threats and risks that are relevant to a specific client or industry. In such an environment, a wide spectrum of threats and risks can strike an organization, including physical threats, brand protection, extortion, data theft, cyber fraud and technical vulnerabilities.

360 degrees

Vesper has developed proprietary, integrated solution to these problems that fuses cutting edge technology and human intelligence analysts that offer 360 degree visibility and awareness of threats and risks, both internal as well as in the external digital environment.

Customer Case Studies

Vesper alerts companies to manage and mitigate risks and counter digital threats:

The alarm bells sounded a late Friday night when one of Vesper’s analysts noticed variance reporting from one of our clients flagging up on his computer screen. The client’s business system was not acting in accordance with the normal pattern. The system was in the process of transforming financial values that could potentially cause damage to the company. The analyst immediately sounded the alarm and Vesper, along with the company´s security department, initiated a set of counter measures. It turned out that the company was under attack from hostile code that aimed to block the company from trading. But this time the attackers didn´t get as far as blackmailing the company for money to unblock its systems. Vesper’s early discovery and counter measures allowed the company to continue their business throughout the attack. Vesper also removed the harmful code, investigated how it had been performed and made sure that the client no longer was vulnerable to that type of attacks.

A co-worker’s personal information was found in leaked material in a compromising situation on the internet, a situation that could have jeopardized the company and the brand. Vesper alerted the client, removed the information and our experienced negotiators trained the company so that it would be well prepared for to respond to future blackmail situation. We also trained the company to raise internal awareness of the threat to avoid similar incidents.

Vesper discovered that business critical information from a Swedish company was accessible on the open internet, and immediately alerted the company´s security department. It turned out that one of the company´s consultants by mistake had made three documents available on the internet. The information involved sensitive information from business agreements, information that could damage ongoing negotiations and possible future client relations. The company contacted the consultant, who was made aware of the leakage, stopped it and fixed the vulnerabilities. Vesper was also able to ensure that the information hadn´t ended up in the wrong hands.

By continuously scanning the web, the dark web, social media (including faked accounts) on how and where the client´s brand is presented, Vesper is always updated on the client´s digital risks and current cyberthreats.

We are Vesper.

Vesper Group was founded in 2004 and is a Swedish, intelligence-led security company. We who work here have unique experience from military special units, the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), Swedish police, intelligence and the National Police Task Force. We have skilled analysts, IT-security experts and crisis- and conflict managers. Vesper Group is certified to ISO 18788, ISO 9001 and PSC-1. We were the second company globally to be certified by ICoCA – the International Code of Conduct Association.

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Why we are called Vesper

Vesper is the Latin name of the bright, evening star, Venus. It is the first star visible in the night sky and the last one to disappear at dawn. According to myth, the ancient Greeks believed for a long time that there were two different stars, and it took the Babylonian astronomers to convince them finally that it was one star. This story illustrates clearly that appearances are often deceptive. Vesper is the bright,star that can guide you to safety when darkness falls. This is also Vesper Group’s mission as an intelligence led security company.


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