Vesper Group committed to preventing sexual exploitation and abuse

June 17, 2019

Vesper Group was one of the first security companies to become certified by the International Code of Conduct Assocation, ICoCA. The association governs and oversees the implementation of the Code of Conduct and promotes the responsible provision of private security services.

Vesper Group was present when ICoCA recently held a roundtable discussion in Geneva to address the issue of sexual exploitation and abuse. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the recently published guidelines (PSEA) for private security companies on preventing and addressing sexual exploitation and abuse.

The roundtable discussions evolved around the challenges that private security companies face when preventing sexual exploitation in the context of operations. Amongst the topics were experiences and good practices within the security industry, but also lessons learned within the humanitarian sector from dealing with these problems.

Both private security companies and civil society organizations participated at the roundtable, all committed to addressing and preventing exploitation and abuse. Subject area experts were also present, and the day was a success with many fruitful talks and an open discussion.

One of the conclusions was that more cooperation is needed and will take place between private security companies and civil society organizations, in order to address the challenges and minimize sexual exploitation and abuse in relation to global security operations. Vesper Group is a committed member of ICoCA and the PSEA and will continue to support ICoCA on this important matter.

Facts about ICoCA
ICoCA’s members consists of seven governments, 87 private security companies, 32 civil society organisations and 34 observers. Read more about ICoCA:

Vesper Groups’ cyber security services acquired by Nixu

March 18, 2019

Vespers’ prospering cyber threat intelligence, CTI, was born as a start-up within Vesper Group and is in a strong growth phase. CTI is in need of a new setup in an environment with the ability to invest all focus solely within this field. Therefore, Vesper Group has sold the CTI services to the European cyber security company Nixu.

- Vespers’ cyber threat intelligence services is a success story, in only four years of organic growth it has become highly valued and sought for. The owner's group feels that the timing is right to let CTI take the next big leap, by giving them an environment focused in this field, says Erik Lewin, CEO of Vesper Group.

The CTI service will transfer to Nixu during the month of April along with staff, customers and partners. Nixu will strengthen their customer proposal with CTI and Vesper Group will still be able to offer the same services through a tight cooperation with Nixu.

Quality in the security industry

Nov 30, 2018

Erik Lewin, CEO of Vesper Group, spoke at the International Security Expo in London 28 November. It was the Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG) who invited a number of speakers who all confirmed the high level of quality, the need for certifications and monitoring of the global security industry.

Erik Lewin talked about how the global security industry has developed since 2004 and how most dishonest actors have disappeared as the demands for quality, professionalism, licenses and certifications have been established. Erik Lewin described the hard work that has led to Vespers membership in in organisations such as SCEG, ICoCA and the certifications according to ISO 18788, ISO 9001 and PSC-1. He also warned for the risk of price dumping, which could lead to impaired quality and the return of dishonest actors.

Read more about Vesper Groups' close protection assignments.

Some of the speakers at the SCEG symposium.
Erik Lewin, CEO Vesper Group                                              Paul Gibson, Director SCEG                        Glynne Evans, Senior Advisor Olive Group

At work in Baghdad

June 29, 2018

Name: Torbjörn

Age: 34

In private: hobby mechanic, enjoys steerage dancing

Key words: humbleness and constant change

How did you come across Vesper Group?
I was out on a mission while serving abroad with the Swedish Armed Forces when I ran into a Vesper team. That meeting inspired me. The team was small and independent in a high-risk environment and they worked very similar to military methods, but in a different way. It got me thinking and when the plan had matured I prepared myself for quite a while. Once I applied, I was both ready in mind and in good physical shape.

You have worked two years in the Middle East. Having a child in Sweden, how do you manage your professional and private life?
I work around eight weeks in a row and then I am on leave four weeks. That is not a problem for a single person, but it works almost impeccably even for me as a father. Of course, everything was thought of and talked through, planned and prepared familywise before I left.  And there are a lot of things I can support them with even from Iraq – for instance I have performed talks and meetings with physicians. Technology of today is a tremendous facilitator and to stay in touch there’s Skype and other things. My child and family get all my time and presence when I’m on leave. Then I’m truly present the whole time and I don’t carry a load of work stuff in my head.

Tell us about your background, your studies and work experience?
I worked eight years in the Swedish Armed Forces and some of those years in service abroad. I started within the infantry and finished by doing police service abroad. I have also completed the Police Academy and worked two years within the Swedish Police Authority.

In what ways do your experiences come to use at Vesper?
I must take a much bigger responsibility than I did in the big government authorities where I used to work.  It’s not possible to carry on based only on the first assignment of the day. For example, I need to be able to fix technical details on a vehicle or study the next day’s assignments. One day I will be digging and freeing a car out of a sandy trench and the next day I’m working in a suit and tie during a protective assignment. Just about everything that I have learnt and my personal qualities comes to full advantage. I must push my knowledge and social skills to the limit and I find such changes and variation very stimulating.

What is the best part of the job?
That we are a small, close and tight team. Also, that we have the same work moral and problem-solving attitude.

What is the hardest part?
We all have to work with our self-discipline. Some periods the work can be very monotonous and you must still deliver your best. The same goes for periods when pressure is high in a stressful environment.

What are your plans?
This is a long-term commitment for me. I want to learn new things and evolve myself, so I plan in one or three-year cycles. I want to stay at Vesper, at another place of service and a different position. For me, it is important to maintain self-discipline and structure.

Team leader prepares the team for a mission.    

In brief, the workday of a Close Protection Operator – as told by the team leader

A smooth and successful deployment consists of 90 percent preparations and clear routines. That makes everything easy, no matter what changes we will have to face.

Every mission is planned at least 24 hours ahead. We check everything and update our information and intelligence. We go through dress code, suitable image, equipment, routes and tactics for every task. Every permit needed must be in place and the latest information from the location retrieved. Also, we talk through and visualise the mission and tasks within the team. A good night’s sleep and exercise is key to being alert and prepared.

At the deployment it is crystal clear who oversees what. Everyone has their role and tasks. Everything is planned; each team member’s mental preparations, medical care preparedness and who is most suitable for which location and position. You stick to your role but must be flexible to adjust to major changes as well as smaller alterations.

Each assignment is followed by a short debrief and then the circle goes on as we go through success factors, challenges and evolvement. The same happens every night, going through the whole day and planning for upcoming missions. You can never relax or get into a routine behaviour.

Key qualities for a Close Protection Operator

Self-discipline, flexibility and capacity to adjust.
Good self-perception, personal maturity, humbleness and a great portion of willingness to change and improve.
Be perseverant, enjoy exercise, training, practice and preparations.
Must be a fan of team work.
Experience from Police or Military work, preferably in high-risk environments and in different cultures.

Vesper first Swedish personal safety company at the International Security Expo

April 12, 2018

The International Security Expo is expecting 12 500 visitors and 350 exhibitors during two days in November in London. The world famous expo, earlier known as UK Security Expo, aims to deliver the largest global security event and Vesper Group will be the first Swedish security company within personal safety to participate.

- Vesper has an excellent reputation and is considered to be one of the benchmark companies in the security industry¸ says Erik Lewin, CEO at Vesper Group. We want to contribute to raising the standards in the international private security sector and therefore it comes naturally for us to participate at the International Security Expo.

The expo has existed almost twenty years and has had different alignments over the years. In the past three years it has focused on national security and the private security sector and has since grown quickly by 65%.

- We will participate with other members of the Security in Complex Environments Group, SCEG, says Erik Lewin. It is a good surrounding for us since the members of SCEG are all well regulated companies with international security standards in place.

Read more about the International Security Expo:


London Olympia hall.                        The SCEG pavillion.

Vesper Group appoints Security Advisor in Bangladesh

March 14, 2018

Vesper Group continues its presence in Bangladesh by providing security services to one of Europe's leading commercial vehicle and mechanical engineering groups. The mission will start mid-March.

- A comprehensive security operation in a complex risk environment similar to Bangladesh takes many years to set up, says Erik Lewin, CEO at Vesper Group. Our continuous presence in the region enables us to produce a threat assessment for each regional project, journey and activity in the shortest possible time. Before start of the mission we have analyzed the local and regional security situation.

Recently Vesper became the second non-British security company to be approved as member in Security in Complex Environments Group, SCEG. SCEG gathers companies that are well regulated, compliant and have embraced international security standards with human rights issues at the core of their business models. Vesper was also one of the first in the world to become certified by the international monitoring organization for security companies, the International Code of Conduct Association, ICoCA, who assures that their member companies respect and protect human rights, no matter where in the world they operate.

Vesper's continuous presence in the region enables a quick deployment of the mission, even in a complex risk environment such as Bangladesh.

Vesper Group at the International Conference of Iraq Reconstruction

Vesper Group is participating today at the Kuwait International Conference of Iraq Reconstruction and Development. The conference is organized jointly by the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the World Bank, the National Investment Commission of the Republic of Iraq and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.

Investors from all over the world are attending to learn more about feasibility studies and licenses for 60 key investment projects. The World Bank will support projects by offering guarantees, compensation of first loss, and markets exploration. This conference is the first of its kind to be supported by the World Bank and targeting investments.

Read more about the one-day conference:
Live broadcast:

Iraq is open for business - International Conference on 13 February in Kuwait.

Vesper Group internationally acknowledged

Jan 19, 2018

Vesper Group has become the second non-British security company to be approved as member in Security in Complex Environments Group, SCEG.

The Special Interest Group SCEG gathers companies that are well regulated, compliant and have embraced international security standards with human rights issues at the core of their business models.

- Vesper Group in Sweden is a highly credible, fully compliant private security company with accredited certification for international security standards and a firm commitment to operate in a responsible and ethical manner.  Vesper Group have recently been accepted as member of the Security in Complex Environments Group and this reflects the excellent reputation of this group and its determination to contribute to the raising of international standards for the private security sector. Vesper Group will bring an interesting Nordic perspective to the discussion within SCEG and the SCEG Executive Committee  looks forward to that engagement, says Brigadier Paul Gibson, Director SCEG.

To become an approved member of SCEG, Vesper’s personal safety work has been reviewed both at a strategic and operational level.  Also, Vesper’s work to embrace and comply in accordance with international standards such as PSC1/ISO18788 and certification by International Code of Conduct Association, ICoCA, has been inspected before the membership was approved in January 2018.

- We are proud to have our work internationally acknowledged and that we have earned an invitation to join membership in SCEG alongside some of the worlds’ top security companies, says Erik Lewin, CEO at Vesper Group.

Vesper Group appoints Senior Security Advisor in Mali

Dec 21, 2017

As part of Norway’s efforts to promote stabilisation and conflict resolution in the Sahel region, the Norwegian Government decided to establish an Embassy in Mali. The Embassy was opened at the end of 2017 and Vesper Group is providing them with a Senior Security Advisor.

When working in challenging contexts it becomes more vital than ever to make the right decisions. Vesper provides consultants with extensive experience, knowledge and networks to enable our clients to make the right strategic decisions, based on the correct data and analysis. Our consultants have military or police backgrounds and many years experience of managing security operations.

More about this from the Norwegian Government:

Vesper Group recruits Sirpa Franzén

Oct 6, 2017

"Vesper Group is doing very well, but we need to have higher visibility," says CEO Erik Lewin. Therefore, we are very pleased to have recruited Sirpa Franzén as Director of Communications, one of the most experienced communicators in the security and crisis communications industry.
Sirpa Franzén has a long experience from the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), Swedish Armed Forces and the Government Offices. She has also worked at Sweden's embassies in Moscow and Helsinki and was most recently press officer at the energy company E.ON.